Defined Duties

Block Captains’ Duties

Thank you for agreeing to be the Block Captain for your neighbors. Though the job is not very time consuming, the Block Captains are very helpful to their neighbors and to the Home Owners Association in many ways.  The following are several ways in which the Block Captains are of help.

Welcoming new residents:

Gather contact names, phone numbers and email addresses and forward them to the Block Captain Leader. 

Give the residents the HOA website, and advise them to register on the website so they have access to information and will receive correspondence from the HOA.  Instructions to register are on the website.

Suggest to the new resident that it’s a good idea to provide a trusted neighbor with a key to their house when the resident is gone for the summer, or on vacation.

The Fire Department will install (for a fee) a secure key box that can only be opened by first responders and will be installed near the front door.  This will allow access when a person is unable to get to the door.  If they change the locks, the fire department will have to change the key in the box. 

Advise the residents that the Sheriff’s Auxiliary’s will keep an eye on their property when they are not in residence, or on vacation when requested.  The resident will have to go to the Sheriff’s Auxiliary to sign up for the service and they will require that a trusted neighbor has a key to the house.

For current and new residents:

The Block Captains will deliver any paper fliers from the committees or the board to each home.

The Block Captain will be advised of anyone on their block or cul de sac who does not have internet or email access.  When any email or notice is received from the HOA, the Block Captain will copy and deliver to that house(s).

The Block Captains are the contact person for their street or cul de sac for questions from residents and may direct the resident to the proper committee (Landscape, Architectural) or to the Board to handle their question or request.

Advise the Block Captain Leader with as much notice as possible (at least 2 weeks, if you can) of any Estate Sales going on in their block or cul de sac. The Estate Sale company should handle any arrangements needed for parking and traffic control with the Sheriff’s Auxiliary.

Advise the resident or the Block Captain Leader (or if unavailable, a Board member) if a garage door has been left open for some period of time and you know the resident is not there.

Jane Lombardo, Block Captain Leader, 425-931-1909, [email protected]